Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Data Bus Baseboard on Tindie

Data Bus mbed baseboards are now available on Tindie as a fundraiser!

Now you can build your own autonomous rover! This board is the fifth revision of the board that's been powering my AVC-podium-placing rover, Data Bus, the last few years.

If you want to experiment with your own algorithms on a powerful 96MHz ARM processor and want a head start on building their 2014 AVC ground vehicle entry, well, here you go!

  • Three UART ports, one 3.3V, two 5V, series resistor protection
  • Five I2C ports, all 3.3V
  • ESC and steering Servo connector
  • Dual wheel encoder port
  • Onboard 5V regulator powered by ESC 6V BEC powers 5V UARTs
  • Separate mbed supply rail to keep noise out of your GPS.
  • Filtering / bypass caps

Just get an mbed, load it up with my code, add an L3G4200D gyro, Venus or uBlox GPS, wheel encoders.

Data Bus source code repository
AVC2012 code on mbed.org

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