Friday, May 31, 2013

Encoder Fixed

 Naughty little wheel encoder!
I mentioned suspicious signals from the encoders. Here's what I was seeing. This is a plot of the distance traveled versus time. The plot is showing that one of the wheels is able to travel more than 300m in a fraction of a second. Cool.

The cause of the problem was a bad solder joint on the encoder's ground wire. Intermittent contact was causing flickering of the signal and the mbed is easily fast enough to count them all.

A quick hit on all the encoder solder joints after liberal application from the flux pen fixed it up real nice.

It now appears my GPS is toast. Seriously, universe?!


  1. Now The GPS? oO"
    Seems that the universe is plotting against you...

  2. You too, huh? Sometimes I think we need to hold a second AVC about a month later for all of us who are never ready.

    Which GPS is smoked?

    1. The Venus. I never got the big fixed on the ublox.

    2. I have a spare Venus, if you are in a pinch.


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