Monday, December 17, 2012

Fundraisers on Tindie

Tindie is now doing fundraisers, where makers can find out if there's any demand for their product before they order parts.

I have a few items up as fundraisers for the next two weeks.

Like everything else I put on Tindie, these are items I am using, have used, or plan to use, myself. I figure they can help out other makers, too. Here's what I've got.

The eeZee Propeller, a breadboardable 36-dip format 0.8" wide Parallax Propeller on a board. I used this board to ring a bell when you visit the site, an earlier version runs RoboTurkey, and I have plenty of other plans to play with the awesome capabilities of the 8-cog 80MHz Propeller. This one is targeted at lower budget range ($24) and DIP form factor.

Remote I2C ADC expands ADC capabilities over I2C, runs at 2.7-5.5V and up to 9 can live on the same I2C bus. I needed a way to expand ADC, and measure 5V output with a 3.3V MCU. This is the result and it costs only $5.

The eeZee MicroSD breakout plugs right into a breadboard next to your Arduino, no need for MISO, MOSI, SCK, or CS jumper wires. Optionally power it off the breadboard rails with 5V or 3.3V. It's got an onboard regulator. This one's only $5 too and features a hinged lid socket.

There are some other neat projects on Tindie as Fundraisers right now.

USB Tester

TrH Meter Kit

Chainable Intelligent Stepper Driver
And no doubt more will appear...

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