Friday, December 7, 2012

Eagle: Improved Silk Generation

I finally fixed silk_gen.ulp. The new, improved silk_gen2.ulp (download) provides the following improvements...
  • Copies polygons and circles from source layers (tplace, tnames, etc.)
  • Colors the bottom silk dark yellow (brown) so you can distinguish silk layers
  • Displays top, bottom, unrouted, pads, and vias layers at the end instead of hiding them
  • Preserves original unit setting instead of setting it to mil and leaving it
  • Silk wire preserve the source wires width (bugfix)
  • Correctly reproduce polygons without deleting the first wire (bugfix)
  • Disabled silking of dimensions by default
  • Selectable font (vector by default)
  • Reproduces text layer, orientation angle and spin
I start with a couple logos, the bot thoughts logo on the "top place" layer, the OSHW logo on the "bottom place" layer. They're both generated by ULP scripts. Also, a couple of polygons.

Starting with a couple logos and polygons

I run the original silk_gen.ulp and afterwards, I run into several annoyances.

Well that's not very useful... 
The script turns off the other layers. The bottom and top silk layers are the same color which is confusing.

It doesn't copy circles or polygons. I've hand-copied my logos way too many times.

Finally, it leaves the grid units set to "mil" regardless of what you had it set before.

After designing and re-designing a few dozen boards, I couldn't take it anymore. So I tweaked the ULP to fix the host of bugs and annoyances. Now I get this.

Ah, much better. My voices are happy for awhile longer.

Give it a try, share it, let me know if there are issues.

I'll likely post to the Eagle CAD website in the near future.

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