Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sparkfun AVC 2011 is over

What happened to Data Bus, you may ask?  One word.


For more detail, add the word "EPIC"

Still more detail:

Heat 1: immediately veered into building
Heat 2: slightly less immediately veered into curb
Heat 3: immediately veered into building

Never made it around the first corner.


But, it was a blast of a time! Met and talked to loads of great people, saw awesome robots, learned a lot, etc.

Congrats to Scott (Team Tobor) for winning again this year!  Congrats to the UAV winner (I was so distracted I have no idea who won, but will edit this post as soon as I find out).

Will post more about my experience soon. Time for (early) bed. I'm pooped.


  1. Bummer dude - but congrats on even getting to the start line!

    Hope you continue working on it for next year.

  2. @trialex: Thanks! I plan to work on it for next year, but at a slower pace. I need to catch up on sleep :)

    There are a lot of questions to answer and problems to solve. Can't leave it unfinished.

  3. So. What is your GPS secret?


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