Thursday, April 28, 2011

AVC Bot Hardware & Source Published

Everything about Data Bus is completely open: hardware, software, everything. Needless to say there are no guarantees that it works... because obviously it didn't *grumble*  But anyway...

I think when we can build on—or learn from—the work of others it speeds progress and advancement. I think robotics contests should further everyone's knowledge. New participants should never have to reinvent the wheel.

Here's the code I ran on the mbed MCU:

I released a number of libraries on the site as part of the project.

GeoPosition does lat/long calculations: bearing, distance, movement
IncrementalEncoder handles calculations for the wheel encoders
Steering provides a platform independent way to calculate steering angle corrections
Schedule is a handy utility for scheduling events by polling Timer values
SimpleFilter implements a simple "leaky integrator" filter for integers
ADC128S is a driver for the 8-ch analog to digital converter I used
LSM303DLH is a driver for the so-named tilt compass
TinyGPS is a port of the Arduino library to mbed with some methods added
TinyCHR6dm parses yaw output from the AHRS I chose

I've placed a snapshot of documentation, electronics designs, software from April 23, 2011 on my Google Code repository here:

Here's the mbed code:

Here are the analysis scripts I used to plot dead reckoning, gps, compass calibration, etc.:

All the schematics and board layouts are here:

Various documents like the BOM, are here:

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