Tuesday, April 26, 2011

AVC 2011 Pictures

A few pictures from the 2011 AVC...

This is my absolute favorite robot of the day. It's a micro scale RC truck. Yes, it is sitting on a regular-sized coffee mug.

Inside the creator has packed an unbelievable amount of electronics including an OLED on the bed. Just astonishing. And he said the thing will do 20mph top speed!  That's faster than my 1:10 truck.

Amazing work!!

Me, in the pouring rain, about to botch the 1st heat start...

Rawr. What else can be said?

Above and below is team Zyzzyx's autonomous Traxxas Rustler tearing through a water-filled pothole on its way to a 3rd place run.

The legendary Team Tobor robot ready to claim another first place victory. I had a chance to talk to Scott during the competition; we were in the same heat. Really great guy, and obviously smart as hell.

Anyone who dresses in a gorilla suit for the AVC deserves mention. This is Team "Dr. Zaius' Magnificent Flaming Banana"

Team Blue Blaze. Awesome work on the car, guys. Lot of detail on this one, plus (unlike mine) it works! And there's a little surprise action... hint: think "Class D" ...

Daisy Rover did really well, I thought. They were sitting right behind me in the pits.

Back again this year was the cooler of doom...

And a big thank you to team Donuts Coffee Muffins!!  Thanks!  I had a donut. I needed and should've had some coffee too. I was barely conscious for the first couple hours of the event.

My pit area. I won nothing at all, except the pride in knowing I was the only one with an antiquated oscilloscope on site...

Scott H posted a video on his blog. Check it out! http://scottrharris.blogspot.com/2011/04/sparkfun-avc-2011-video.html


  1. Hi, I followed your site quite a bit in the build-up to the event, but didn't get a chance to talk with you once we were there. My bot was just being too needy for me to socialize much.

    Will you be back again next year? I get the sense that eventually your bot will be really good.

    I wrote up my summary here:


  2. @Nathan: thanks for the good words! Wished we could've talked too. You did an awesome job with your robot. I'm planning to be back next year. Drop me an email via the Contact Me link in the upper right if you want. Would love to trade war stories & experiences. Take it easy, --Michael


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