Thursday, July 15, 2010

Firefighting: Another Update

The fan motor driver board (left) was no sooner done, than I detected an obvious malfunction. A solution came while I was failing to go to sleep in bed last night :) Turned out to be a solder bridge. Fixed*.

One of the IR pairs for the encoders isn't working. Replacement boards were out of stock but individual chips were available. More are on order overnight--but Sparkfun doesn't do same day shipping. The trick will be to replace an SMT part without a rework station. Tomorrow night.

I'm most likely re-gearing Pokey to be even slower--even though I said I wouldn't. Why? To gain more precise, low-speed control when aiming at a candle.

Outside of robotics, I was picked as a juror yesterday afternoon for a trial which lasted for us until today at 7:00pm. That and some other life stuff going on.  I'm beat...

Some code needs writing and the fan motor and board needs mounting. Let's see what I have the willpower and energy to get done with the rest of tonight...

* Fixed?? Not so fast hotshot. After posting the above, I discovered that the circuit has a major design flaw. Namely, the MCU cannot turn off the fan. Oops.

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