Friday, July 23, 2010

Low Cost MSP430 LaunchPad MCU kit

Hobby robotics just got cheaper for the masses.  Texas Instruments recently announced the LaunchPad, a development board for use with their MSP430 microcontrollers. It costs $4.30.

That's less expensive than just about every other off-the-shelf robot component you can get these days. Almost 1/3 the cost of a single GP2D12 infrared distance sensor, for example.
The LaunchPad includes a development board, 2 programmable MSP430 microcontrollers, mini-USB cable, PCB connectors for expandability, external crystal for increased clock accuracy, and free & downloadable software integrated development environments (IDEs) – everything you need to get started today.
I have two on backorder.


  1. My Launch Kit is on backorder too! I ordered mine on 6/25. I hear that they are starting to ship some now though.

  2. Got mine last week! Updates to be posted soon :)


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