Tuesday, August 27, 2013

3CH RC Servo Multiplexer for Sale

My 3 Channel R/C (Servo) Multiplexer is now available for pre-order on Tindie for $12. [Buy]

Are you building a self-driving, robot rover? What if it is heading straight for a curb? Or my ankle? With this RC Multiplexer you can take control quickly and hopefully avoid harm. Here are the features...


We've tested the R0.1 design shown above and made some improvements in the R0.2 version that's now on sale. Here's the feature list.
  • 3 R/C channel multiplexer, designed especially for rovers
  • Dedicated board keeps running even when your autopilot doesn't
  • Color-coded pin headers for fast, correct installation
  • Fully assembled
  • Easily select between autonomous and manual control
  • Two inputs: R/C and MCU, clearly labeled on the board
  • Two LEDs indicate autonomous or manual control.
  • Onboard regulator
  • Compatible with common 5V, 5.5V or 6V BEC
  • Power rail transmits power from BEC to Receiver, Servo, MCU
  • Firmware pre-loaded or program the ATtiny13 yourself
  • Open Source software and hardware
  • Low cost, only $12

Open Source

Interested? Here's the link again: Buy

If you think others might want to know, do me a favor and share. :)


  1. Are the Open Source links above still available?

    1. Yes. I fixed the links above. The problem was that I moved the RoverMux stuff into its own directory. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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