Wednesday, June 5, 2013

GPS not fixed

Last we left off, my beloved Venus GPS was dead. Nothing coming out of the TX pin. So I ordered a new one late last week before my out of town trip. It had arrived when I returned but something is wrong; it's unable to pick up satellites worth a darn. Even outside! I have no idea what is going on.

What little spare time I've had for testing has been lost to rain. I installed my shiny purple OSHpark baseboard last night.

I found and fixed a bug in the estimation code. I was multiplying a heading error tern by a fraction to reduce its influence over time. The difference was normalized to a range of -180 to 180 only after multiplying. It should have been normalized before the multiplication.

I may stand a chance if...
  • the last critical bug is fixed (I know there are plenty of other bugs),
  • I can get a working GPS,
  • the encoders are fixed once and for all,
  • I can find a good-enough Kalman Filter tuning,
  • I can get accurate measurements for waypoints Saturday
No problem.

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