Friday, June 7, 2013

AVC: Throwing in the towel

I made progress but not enough today, so it's time to be realistic and call it quits for 2013.

The robot ran somewhat consistently at the local elementary school but wasn't following the path properly. It knew where it was, the position estimation was in the ballpark, but the robot didn't follow the path it was supposed to.

Big curves and failure to track the path after the first turn.
Heading estimation and position estimation are not bad. For some reason even though the robot knows more or less where it is, it isn't attempting to get back on the straight path between waypoints.

Heading estimation isn't bad (not excellent though)
I was farther along and had reason to be confident last year and even then I had unexpected trouble on the first two runs. Going into it in this condition and staying up all night coding sounds cool and everything but...

Good luck to those who are competing tomorrow!

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