Monday, September 12, 2011

XV-11 Imaging Sensor Revealed!

Image from Random Workshop,
blog of XV-11 Hacking Guru  Hash79
The XV-11 LIDAR has finally been completely cracked open.

Hobby roboticists are on the cusp of DIY, sophisticated, low cost, obstacle detection.

The XV-11 uses a laser-based "radar" that can map out the environment allowing the vacuum cleaner to navigate its environment avoiding obstacles like chair legs, sofas, cats, and more. With this kind of sensor your robot can also detect which room it's in.

Well, thanks to the winner of the Open Lidar Project, XV-11 hacking contest, now we can build our own: all the chips including the imager are known. Follow the link to find the details.


  1. Oh yeah, this looks cool. Any idea what the specs are on the rangefinder (distance, accuracy, min, max, etc)?

  2. I did some quick searches to remind myself of the specs.

    One degree resolution, 0-6 meter distance, rotation at 5hz (some posts said 10hz but I think the production version runs 5hz).

    Search for XV-11 lidar specs to verify.


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