Sunday, November 21, 2010

Robotics goodies on sale...

Check it out, microcontrollers and other robotics goodies on sale. No affiliation with either company. Hope this is helpful to others on a shoestring budget like me.

Pololu is doing a black Friday sale with great prices on what I think is really useful stuff. I'm a fan of Pololu; Pokey's brain and drivetrain came from them. Good guys. Anyway, I have my eye on the $20 Orangutan B-328, $10 dual serial motor controller, $5 step-up step-down regulator, and $9 3-axis accelerometer but there's a bunch of stuff others might want too.  Hm, I better check my bank account balance...

Newark's Element-14 has some nice promotional deals going on controller boards like a $17 Multicomp Arduino board (35 day lead time, though), Multicomp Mega for $35, a Multicomp Nano for $28, an Amicus18 PIC board for $32 and an NXP OM11042 rapid prototyping board for $41.25 with the NXP LPC2368 ARM7 MCU.


  1. I love all the things you've added to your blog. I am working on some updates too.

  2. Thanks, Whit, great to hear from you! Looking forward to updates on your blog!


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