Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NXP LPC800, a tiny, amazing ARM

LPC800 image from NXP
reproduced for
educational purposes
The first ARM in 8-PDIP form factor!

"NXP Revolutionizes Simplicity with LPC800"

It will also comes in SO20, TSSOP20, TSSOP16. It's a full-on 32-bit ARM Cortex M0.

You may wonder how so few pins could be of any use? The Flexible Switch Matrix. You can assign any peripheral to nearly any pin using software on the PC (YouTube demo).

The chip also features a very flexible timer/compare/match/pwm peripheral, basically two 16-bit PWMs with capture inputs and match outputs.

Here's the product data webpage. Here's the datasheet.

Apparently there will be an LPCXpresso for this chip, too (YouTube).

The wait for this thing is going to be excruciating.

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  1. Update: Mouser (P/N OM13053) now has these in stock for $15


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