Friday, October 19, 2012

Rover Discussion on Google Groups

A few of us interested in autonomous rovers and the Sparkfun AVC have set up a discussion group on Google Groups. I invite you to join!

diyrovers+subscribe@googlegroups.comdiyrovers on Google Groups

I'd love to discuss machine vision for path following and obstacle avoidance, management of vehicle dynamics, improving precision of pose estimation, and things like that.

Last year while working on Data Bus for the AVC I exchanged email with several people and I attribute my success partly to these conversations.

Instead of losing competitive advantage by sharing my designs, everyone took their own unique approach, yet we all benefited from troubleshooting help, learning from others' experiments, and motivating each other.

The group isn't just about AVC rovers. Hopefully we can form a brain trust for rovers of all types and push the envelope a little.

Lots of fun and interesting problems are left to be solved!

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