Friday, September 28, 2012

Eagle CAD: Copying Between Schematics

Here's how to copy between schematics in Eagle CAD 6.1.0.

First of all, where is the CUT tool?! It's been replaced by the copy tool. You can now use that to copy between schematics.
  • Open one instance of Eagle CAD with your target schematic (TARGET)
  • Open another instance of Eagle CAD with the source schematic you're copying from (SOURCE)
  • SOURCE: In the source instance, use the Group tool to select what you want to copy
  • SOURCE: Click the copy tool
  • SOURCE: Right-click on one of the parts and select Copy: Group from the contextual menu
  • TARGET: click the Paste tool and paste your group wherever you want.
Took me awhile to find this information so I thought I'd try to spread the word.


  1. What is the difference of Eagle CAD and AutoCAD? I have never made any drawing or design using Eagle CAD before so that is the reason why I am asking. Thanks!

    1. Eagle CAD is purpose-built for electronic schematic capture and PCB layout/design. AutoCAD is 3D design software. So, they are completely different in purpose.

  2. This doesn't work between schematics, the second schematic I'm trying to paste to just says the paste buffer is empty

    1. I tested it on 6.4.0 and it works fine. It only works on schematics, not boards. And it's a new feature that only works on recent versions.

  3. You made my life so much easier, thank You wise man.

  4. Hello.
    I am using CUT to copy parts of a schematic to another schematic.
    1, open the schematic you want to copy from.
    2, group the parts to copy and type CUT + enter.
    (I have made a shortcut so I press Ctrl+C to cut)
    3, right click the group and chose cut group.
    4, close the current schematic and open the schematic you want to copy to.
    5, click the paste tool and place the copied segment to the schematic.


  5. It's slightly different on a Mac (using 5.11.0 under Mac OS X 10.11.6). Instead of right-clicking ON one of the parts, you have to CTRL-right-click on the blank sheet NOT on any part, then select Copy: Group from the contextual menu. (If you right click on a part, you get only that part, not the whole group; the contextual menu never shows.) But other than that, it works fine, thanks a lot!


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