Saturday, June 16, 2012

AVC: Ready to Race!

Fellow AVC competitors: Good Luck!

(I know I'll need a fair share myself)

Thanks to all for the well wishes, advice, input, comments, and more over the past many months. It's all been a big help on this very long journey.

For those of you that want to tune in, Sparkfun is doing a live stream of the event. Check their website.

I'm pleased to say that a minor miracle occurred on Thursday and the changes I made helped. More on that later (I'd rather keep it under wraps until after the competition).

Unfortunately I've run into some snags tonight, primarily with I2C communication between the mbed and the camera board as well as the IR ranger board so no camera and no IR rangers tomorrow. I wasn't able to figure out what's wrong; I'm just too worn out and crumpled under the pressure.

I've added a revised cow catcher / deflector / prerunner bar thingy to Data Bus to hopefully increase its chances of bouncing off of barrels and jumping over curbs versus simply crashing.

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  1. Congrats on an amazing third place finish (faster than second place, without the hoop bonus)! Great run at the very end! Very impressive on-site debugging! Now, you just need to work on your robot dodging skills =)


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