Sunday, December 26, 2010

Renaming an Applescript Xcode Project

To rename an Xcode AppleScript project, follow the steps below, based on my experience using Aleksandar Vacić's article. I needed to rename my serial communications AppleScript project. I simplified and clarified some of the steps in Aleksandar's article and made them specific to an AppleScript project.
  • Close the project in Xcode. 
  • Copy/rename the folder into new name
  • Open the new folder and rename the .applescript* and .xcodeproj files to the new name
  • Delete the build folder
  • Right click .xcodeproj and select Show package contents, which will reveal several files
  • Edit each of these files with a text editor (TextEdit, vi, Vim, Aquamacs, etc.) and replace all instances of the old name with the new name. In vi (or vim), type :.,$s/oldname/newname/g
  • Load the project file in Xcode, select  Clean all targets
  • Now build the project
* You'll need to rename whatever your source code file is, like .sch as in Aleksandar's article.

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