Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pokey's Software

Jim of roboRobert had requested to see Pokey's code. Ok, here it is! This version is a current development snapshot. I chose to share this newer version because it is organized better than the competition code, which got messier as the deadline got nearer. :)


Below is an overview of the code and how it's organized. The diagram shows the main dependencies as well. The software is organized into layers and modules, with the highest layer at the top of the diagram.

The software is written in C and was ported from code used to run Sparky (hence the sparky.c main module). The modules are implemented---in most cases---with both a C module and a header file to describe external interfaces. There are some global variables representing robot status accessed across modules.

I'll go into more detail on some modules in subsequent blog posts. (If there's anything you want to know, feel free to ask).

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  1. good stuff... very well commented

    Should make for a bit of good reading by the fire ;)

    actually it's a little warm for a fire around here... but I couldn't resist


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