Monday, February 18, 2008

Sparky Decommissioned

A quick update. Sparky has been decommissioned and partly disassembled to free up components for building the competition robot -- will post pictures of this when I have time. Carving out a little spare time, I've put together the first two decks (and there may only be two, haven't decided) and am pleased with things so far.

But there's so much more to do and so little time left! Planning a late night session tonight to finish mounting the flame sensor and IR range sensors. There's a robot hacking session Tuesday night in Ft. Collins, so the goal is to have the robot ready for code tests.

Oh, I've scrapped the compressed air & water idea for flame suppression. To big, too heavy, too much support equipment required. I have a set of irrigation syringes on order. These with a spring or rubber band should provide adequate water volume, flow, and pressure to run one or two drip mist sprayers. Notice I said "should."

All else fails, I can always use a motorized fan...

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