Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Front Range Robotics

FRR had a meeting up at Joe's house in Ft. Collins last night. I had the pleasure of meeting a bunch of great guys and each of their firefighting robots is really impressive. The competition should be an absolute blast.

  • Threw together the new robot just in time to hit the road
  • Got everything wired up
  • IR ranger testing in the competition maze
  • Adapted most of the code from Sparky
  • Lit hair on fire
Tip for the aspiring firefighting robot builder: don't lean over your robot when there is a lit candle in front of it. If you hear a strange sound that is a combination of sizzling bacon and electrical sparking, it is actually the sound of your hair burning. :|

To do:
  • Extend battery wires
  • Rework top deck for clearance
  • Route wires cleanly
  • Boat tons of programming
  • Get a haircut

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  1. you should post a picture of your newly styled (sizzled) hair ;)


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