Tuesday, February 17, 2015

OpenMV Cam, Final Week

OpenMV Cam, 1.8" x 1.4", final week on Kickstarter
If you haven't heard of OpenMV Cam, it's a small machine vision module that's affordable, and the first that runs Python and is expandable with shields. It's funded and we're entering our final week on Kickstarter so don't miss out.

Wait. Python? Yes, it runs Micro Python on the module.

That means with some simple Python scripts, your project can detect and track a human face, or an object, or you can track multiple colored objects of different colors, you can take a picture, record movies, interface with UART, SPI, I2C, control servos and more.

For NoCo Mini-Maker Faire, I set up a demo with my red Magician robot rotating to track a yellow object (placed on my Pololu 3pi). I tweaked the color tracking script in a few minutes to output the blob coordinates over serial to the PIPduino controlling the Magician, then wrote the Arduino code in another few minutes to spin in place based on blob position. Then tuned the color matching, et voila:

As for shields, we now have a thermopile array sensor shield available. We're working on a WiFi shield, LCD Shield, and a few others for later release.

IR / Thermopile bundle: OpenMV Cam plus IR lens, thermopile shield, USB

With the thermopile shield, based on a 16x4 Melexis MLX90620 sensor, you write a simple python script to overlay a heat map on the camera image as in this demo video (we used an LCD prototype shield here, but you get the idea):

So if you want to join our community, and get yourself an OpenMV Cam at Kickstarter pricing, here's the link to make a pledge: http://bit.ly/OMVKS - we appreciate any support you can offer, thanks!

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