Thursday, July 3, 2014

AVC: What About Data Bus?

Though Data Bus made it to the 2014 Sparkfun AVC, it had to sit out again this year. Time ran out to fix the Bus so I focused on the Jeep.

Data Bus makes a cameo (arrow)
You can see Data Bus in the Sparkfun AVC recap video, sitting on the table near Troubled Child and also riding on top of the Jeep on our final run...

Fortunately, Data Bus and Troubled Child use most of the same hardware and software so I know from running TC that my pure pursuit implementation works.

Anyway, here is Sparkfun's 2014 AVC recap video and an interview with me about the SHARC FSV at 8:03 followed by video of our third run and a special song about the Jeep at the end.

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