Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Two RFM12B Arduino Clones

Funky V2, picture from Martin's Corner on the Web
The Funky v2 is an Arduino Leonardo clone with RFM12B radio module, much like the JeeNode I've posted about before, but considerably smaller at 22mm x 22.8mm.

It's meant for low power, battery operated, remote sensing. It also has a USB interface. I've never tried one but perhaps one day. I'm still trying to find the time to finish my mailbox sensor project.

Unfortunately, neither Funky is in stock as of this writing and I'm not sure that availability is great as Martin makes these by hand with extra PCBs from his projects.

MegaRF modules from Heye's Shop

Similarly, the megaRF on tindie.com is currently out of stock. It's based on an ATmega168 and RFM12B. The module is made by Heye out of Germany.

I'm curious, dear reader, do you want, need, or use wireless sensor modules?

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