Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Check this out: Boston Dynamics Wildcat

Boston Dynamics posted a video of their Wildcat on Youtube bounding and galloping autonomously. At a speed of 16mph. Two thoughts. First, they should enter the 2014 Sparkfun AVC.

Second, I'm incredibly curious about what's involved. Balancing, leg placement. Sounds like an utterly fascinating topic to explore.

Do their robots teach themselves how to balance (like that kid from my alma mater that built a six-legged robot that teaches itself to walk)? Or is it carefully tuned, hardcoded, etc? Anyone know?


  1. If I were to build it, I'd use force sensors on the legs, and develop some adaptive code to make keep the weight transfer as desired. I would guess going this fast is not easy. I've wanted to make a 4 legged bot for some time. Now I have something to strive for! 20 mph!? :)

  2. I red about it on that website too

  3. They say somewhere that this robot will be used for rescue missions and the like. If this robot were running towards me, I would make my best effort to barricade myself in so it couldn't get at me. Pretty freaky, but pretty cool too.


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