Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tindie, Projects, New Look

New Look

You can't miss the new look if you're visiting bot-thoughts.com right now.

After 5 years, I figured it was time for a new look and layout. Besides, every single one of my projects is completely stalled waiting for various parts and boards. What else am I to do with my spare time?


I mentioned I'm waiting on parts for two projects. Those projects are, respectively, a JeeNode sensor to tell me when the mail has arrived and a tele-presence robot based on a Raspberry Pi.

The latter project will be using Pololu tracks and motors to drive around an RPi with a Webcam and WiFi dongle attached. I'll set up a web page on the Pi to control it from anywhere in the world. We'll be travelling this year and I want to check up on the house remotely.

The main challenge? Charging the batteries...

Bot Thoughts Store on Tindie

I've started a Google Group for the Bot Thoughts Store so I can post updates there. All the parts have arrived for the eeZee Propeller and eeZee MicroSD. I'm now waiting on boards. They'll arrive possibly next week. Also, another batch of eeZee Tiny 8-pin ATtiny breakouts will be in stock by Feb 1.

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