Friday, December 9, 2011

RadioShack? Yes.

I've been visiting Radio Shack stores since I started dinking around with electronics in high school in the 80's. I'm not affiliated with them, but I've always been a loyal customer. Though I've heard many hobbyists dis them over the years, at least they've always had components on the shelves.

But nothing like this!

Arduino and Parallax gear including a Propeller board!

The venerable Forest Mims III books are back and better than
ever along with other promising titles

I almost missed this entire endcap of Arduino,
Make and Parallax goodies
Propeller boards, Arduino boards, Make kits, gyros, GPS, and on and on. Radio Shack is carrying a lot of really great hobbyist/roboticist/maker/electronics nerd gear. Go check it out.

Never have I been so excited to visit a Radio Shack since the days of blue Archer packages and speech chips hanging by the dozens.

Radio Shack has been saying recently that they're committed to DIYers. If this doesn't convince you, nothing will.


  1. are you serious? that stuff is like betty crocker vs moms home made stuffing. seriously radio shack stopped caring about the hobbyist when they made al the components one isle and a half and put in a consumer electronics center. I have gone to radio shack since i was about 14, and i was in there the other day to find a art for a customer they didn't even have it (50k rheostat). gimme a break if you need that arduino and premade crap you arent a hobbiest you are a board person that can read...

    however gotta love Forrest Mimms!!!

  2. I'm excited to think of all the folks--especially kids--who might learn something about electronics and embedded systems now.

    There are probably some hobbyists who argue you must build your microprocessors out of TTL chips. And others who say you should develop your logic out of discrete transistors.

    Meanwhile modern electronics hobbyists are accomplishing amazing things we couldn't even dream of 20 or 30 years ago. By building with modular components designed by professionals. That's why Arduino and Parallax have been so successful.

    Yeah, RS, lacks a wide selection of parts and prices are high for components, but I like the convenience when they have what I need.


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