Friday, March 5, 2010

Heathkit and Robots

So I fixed up my Heathkit IO-12 oscilloscope and the Heathkit RG-8 frequency generator is next on the to-fix list.  I'm also still working on building the oscilloscope calibrator; it's based on a Heathkit design.

Heathkit sold robot kits, too, as you may know.  I remember in college every time I passed the ground floor ECE Building labs, looking in the big windows, being greatly envious of the guys in the lab on the first floor of the ECE Building who got to play with the HERO 1 (as above left).

I guess some of that envy shows in my goofy sketch of Edward Isaac Bot's head, what with the integrated hex programming keypad.  I think it's safe to say that feature would be ditched in a modern verison...

Apparently a Heathkit HE-Robot 2000 is available these days, a rebadged PC-Bot 914 from White Box Robotics. (The picture below is from Retro Thing; presumably they got the pic from the Heathkit site or a news article or something).

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