Thursday, August 20, 2009

What I've been up to

As time permits I've been tinkering on several projects, some of which I'll share in upcoming posts.
  • A new and small robot, Pyoony, made from repurposed electronics parts
  • An oscilloscope calibrator based on the Heathkit IG-4505 schematic
  • Experiments in home PCB fabrication
  • Infrared repeater (extender) circuit
  • A high efficiency voltage regulator for the IR circuit
And some of which I won't...
  • Repairing a Harman Kardon 680i receiver that I blew up
  • Remote diagnosis of a broken Protek P3502 oscilloscope on an electronics forum
  • Repair of a BIC 940 turntable
Of course I'm most busy with our little one, but I fit in a little time here and there for the above.

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