Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Robot and Human Interaction

I'm sorry but I really get creeped out by Nexi, below. Which is interesting, because I wonder what it takes for a robot to socially interact with, and be accepted by, people? And what is it about Nexi that creeps me out?

Meanwhile here's a much simpler study in human / robot interaction. Something this simple draws empathy and aid from New Yorkers. The little simple "robots" have a flag asking for help in being pointed in the right direction to their destination. Passers by consistently lended a hand to the little 10" machines.

Of course you've probably seen the Japanese, humanoid, female robots. One that was slated to work as a model on the catwalk. And another from back in 2006 at a robotics festival (I suppose that one is more along the lines of intelligent animatronics). These might be a little less freaky to me than the MIT robot above. But I suspect the closer they look to humans the harder it would be to anthropomorphize them.


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  2. And what is it about Nexi that creeps me out?

    The hole in it's forehead is what gets me.

    Also, it's movements seemed unnaturally smooth and programmed looking. I think what it will take is to not actually program the robot to interact with direct code, but rather give it a goal seeking engine that seeks what it thinks is acceptance and understanding from who it's attempting to interact with, and then repeats actions that worked best in the past in similar conditions.


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