Monday, November 29, 2021

Cyber Monday Sales 2021

Pololu's Black Friday / Cyber Monday
is underway again this year, featuring the new Zumo and 3pi+ robots with OLED graphic displays. Dang, I may have to get one of these!

Additional items on sale include 

  • A-Star AVR and P-Star PIC microcontroller boards, 
  • Brushed DC and stepper motor driver boards and motors, 
  • Servos and servo controllers,
  • Regulator boards (which are excellent, by the way) and power adapters, 
  • A variety of sensors, 
  • Robot wheels, and 
  • Electronics prototyping goodies. 
Cyber Monday Sale at Bot Thoughts Store on Tindie is underway. 20% off everything in the store. In addition to the ever popular Turntable Strobe for calibrating the speed of your turntable, check out our convenient breadboard prototyping boards.
  • ATtiny boards with complete circuits and AVRISP header for tiny85, 84, 841, and 4314
  • Switch with built-in pull-up and debounce
  • Smart RGB (WS2812 aka NeoPixel) LED with pull-up and cap
  • Itty bitty USB breadboard power supplies
  • LM386 Amplifier breakout
  • and more!

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